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About Rewa

Rewa lies between 24'18 and 25'12 north latitudes and 81'2 and 82'18 east longitudes in the northeast of the division of the same name. The district is bounded on the north and east by the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the south Sidhi district and in the west with Amarpatan and Raghurajnagar tahsils of Satna district. In shape the district can be compared to an isosceles triangle, with its base along the Satna border and the two longer arms converging towards Mauganj in east.

The district derives its name from Rewa town, the district headquarters, which is another name for Narmada river. The district with present boundary came into existence in 1950 after the promulgation of the Provinces and states (Transfer of ENCLAVES) order 1950. Prior to August 1947 the district along with the Raghurajnagar tahsil of the erstwhile Rewa state correspended to the north Rewa district of that state . The territones now included in the district were held by the imperral Maurya dynasty which ruled in the 3rd century B.C. In the advent of the Kalchurls from the 9th to the end of 12th century. The Baghela king driven eastwards by Ulugh Khan, brother of the emperor Alauddin in the 13th century appeared in this Baghela kings till the abdication of the Crown by the last successor of the dynasty, Martand Singh.after the country became independent, the Rewa ruler accede to the Union of India. The present Rewa district came into existence in 1950

The district can be divided into the four natural parts-kymore pahar, Binjh Pahar, Rewa Plateau and Lower-Northern Plain .The Huzur, Sirmour and Mauganj tahsils lie between the Kymore on the south and the Vindhyachal or Binjh pahar on the north and from what is known as Rewa plateau or uprihar. To the north of the Vindhyachal in the uprihar lies Teonther tahsils whish is quite different with regard to its physical and other features from the plateau tahsils. Rewa is basically a plateau and from the south to the north its height decreases. In the south the height of Kymore range is more than 450 meters, whereas the height of Alluvral plain of Teonthor is just 100 meters. In the district, dissected hills, ravines, plain plateau, scarp, waterfall and alluvral plain can be seen. The rainwater of the district is flown out by the tw0o assisting rivers of the Ganga, Tons or Tamas and Son. Most of the rivers in the district intitrate from the Kymore ridges which from the watershed for the area.

A.K.V.N. Rewa

For balanced and sustained industrial development in Madhya Pradesh, MPSIDC has setup six subsidiary companies known as M.P.Audyogik Kendra Vilas Nigam (MPAKVN) located in Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Sagar, Ujjain, Jabalpur & Rewa.

Social Infrastructure of A.K.V.N Rewa

Location Medical Facilities Habitation Educational facilities law, Order & Industrial Environment The Potential Opportunities
UDYOG VIHAR,  REWA Modern & highly equipped Hospital Housing with modern amenities   University, medical college, Engineering Colleges, Many P.G. Sciences & Humanities colleges & Sainik School Excellent Cement, Glass, Float glass, Aluminum metal extraction, Natural flooring chips, Stone blocks, Rock grit, Fine chemicals, Electrical goods & Cables
UDYOG DEEP,  WIAHDAN Hospital of coal India & NTPC Housing with modern amenities   Many P.G. Sciences & Humanities colleges Excellent Thermal power, coal bed Methane, Cole, Bracketing, Industrial Explosives, Dimensional stone mining & processing forest products and fine chemical.
UDYOG DHAM, MAIHAR Govt. Run Hospitals Housing with modern amenities   P.G. Sciences & Humanities colleges Excellent Cement natural flooring Chips, Stone blocks, Rock grit, Line burning, Agro & Food Processing and Chemicals.
ICDC Nadan Tola
Distt. Satna
Govt. Run Hospitals Housing with modern amenities P.G. Sciences & Humanities colleges Excellent Cement, Natural flooring, Chips, Stone blocks, Rock grit, Diamond processing and policing and dimensional stone mining and processing, Mineral grinding, Calcium carbide,  white sand stone mining and processing for flooring material and chemical
IA Bargawan Daga, Near Waidhan Singrauli Hospital of Coal India & NTPC, Near Waidhan
Housing with Modern amenities, Near Waidhan
P.G. Science & Humanities Collage, Polytechnic, ITI, Near Waidhan Excellent Thermal power, Coal Bed Methane, Coal bricketting, Industrial Explosives, Dimensional stone mining & processing Forest products and fine chemicals.

M.P. Audyogik Kendra Vikash Nigam (Rewa) Ltd. Rewa 
Detail of ongoing construction works for the year 2014-15 
Deposit work from other departments.


Name of Work

Estimated Cost

Date of Work Order

Name of contractor

Probable amount of Contract

Date of completion as per contract

Progress up to the quarter end












 Tribal Departmen


Hostel Bldg. Kuthar/ Katoli, Singrauli



M/s K.K. Construction, Sidhi



Roof Level


Ashramsala Bldg. Desor, Singrauli



M/s S.S. Construction



Work Completed handover to be done


Jila panchayat, Singraul


Hss Bldg, Rajmilan



M/s Raveendra Cons.t




Finishing level



20 Seater Hostel Bargawan



M/s K.K. Construction



Work Completed


Own fund
1. Const. of patch work 8.06 Lacs. tandering procedure is going on at I/A Rewa.
2. Const. of boundry wall at office campus Waidhan 11.7 Lacs. tandering procedure is going on at I/A Rewa.
Industry commissioner fund
1. Const. of drain at I/A Bichhiya 13.02 Lacs. work is to be started.


Layouts of Industrial Area